Vd. Sayali Kendarkar

With the urge to help people Vd. Kendarkar has dreamt of becoming a doctor since she was a child. During school years she learnt Sanskrit where Ayurveda was also a topic, this sparked interest and from there on she knew she wanted to go through with Ayurveda. She started at BSDT Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya near Pune City, India.

After completing BAMS and doing an internship in a government hospital Vd. Kendarkar opened a small clinic. When her partner had the opportunity to move to the Netherlands for work she was reluctant, but after arriving here she felt at ease. Here she found Kaldenbroeck, where she has been working since 2018. Here she gives consults, Ayurveda informative Lectures, cooking workshops, Garbhasandskar workshops, Panchakarma and much more.

Vd. Kendarkar always had a wish to become a teacher, a large part of her family practised teaching and she saw the beauty in sharing knowledge. Luckily that wish has become reality when she started teaching at Delight Academy. One of her sayings is: “If you dream something from your soul, no one could obstruct you to fulfil those dreams, destiny will help you to fill in empty places” . Her biggest dream is to spread Ayurveda worldwide, cure patients, release everyone from their pain and guide them in their path.

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