The Marma Training has been actively attended by our teachers and students, who find it immensely useful.


A Practical & Theoretical Journey

Experience an immersive blend of theory and practice in this Marma Therapy Training. Delve into a comprehensive understanding of various Marma points, their correlation to diseases and effective treatment methods. Witness live demonstrations of treatments and engage in group practices to deepen your expertise. The student will learn the art of applying marma therapy to enhance treatment efficacy and gain proficiency in identifying and treating key marma points within the body and head regions.

For whom?
This training is for healing professionals like ayurveda practitioners, massage therapists and student-practitioners and anyone wishing to expand their skills by using marma therapy in client treatment.

Requirement for attendance
Solid or advanced knowledge of ayurveda is a requirement for participation.

New dates for Academic Year 2024/25 to follow.


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Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands B.V.
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van Wulfenlaan 6a
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