What is Jyotish?

Jyotish is an ancient science rooted in the Vedas and classified therefore as Vedanga, a branch of the Vedic tree. Known in India as the eyes of the Veda, this discipline portrays a map of our life- or soul-plan. Through its lenses we can not only see our strengths, talents, or the challenges that lie ahead but we can also figure out our ayurvedic constitution as well as our physical and psychological weaknesses. Jyotish offers a set of tools to improve a person’s vulnerable points, and in this sense it represents a multi-level holistic approach that can support a person physically, mentally and spiritually.

Jyotish proves to be a powerful tool that can even point out when certain issues will show up or will need attention. This allows individuals to proactively make life changes, avoiding potentially painful situations and aligning themselves with upcoming lessons. In medical context Jyotish can be a true grace and help to protect our health and even life.


The goal of the course

The goal of the Jyotish Foundation Course is to understand and learn all the necessary basics in order to be able to become a Professional Astrologer or Astrological Counsellor. The course also opens up the possibility to become a Certified Astrologer by passing an exam in cooperation with the Institute of Vedic Studies in New Delhi. The full course consists of three modules that can be booked together or attended independently. Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands offers Module I only. Modules II en III can be studied directly with Gudrun Schellenbeck online.

Participants will receive Certificate of Attendance.


What is included?

21 lessons of 90 minutes each, of which 1 full weekend on location
Access to all materials for self study in an online learning platform
Homework guidance

Who is it suitable for?

  • Beginners with little or no knowledge of Vedic Astrology
  • Anyone wanting to enrich their existing profession or practice – ayurveda and yoga students, teachers or therapists, lifestyle advisors, energy healers, coaches, professional therapists

Practical Information


Gudrun Lewis-Schellenbeck
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€ 700 / € 650 (Early-bird fee) (5% discount for AAN students)


Fall 2024 - Dates to be announced


Weesp & online
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21 lessons of 90 minutes, including 2 days on location



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