Training for yoga teachers and advanced yoga practitioners


This ayurveda & yoga training is a ten-day program for yoga teachers and advanced yoga practitioners wanting to learn more about the application of ayurveda in daily life and its connections with yoga. The training addresses the foundational principles of ayurveda – conceptual and practical – and how to ayurvedically approach aspects of yoga practice (asana and pranayama) as well as ayurvedic yoga therapy. The set-up of the training provides ample conceptual background through study materials and an online learning management system, but is actively practical in its overall approach.

What will you learn?

At the end of the training, students will be able to integrate basic ayurvedic principles and guidelines into their own life, practice, teaching and guiding. This program will set you up with multiple skills and deeper knowledge to help you reach and/or practice more holistically within the same class/style you love to teach. Ayurveda recognizes that each individual has his/her own constitution. Why is this important for yoga teachers and yoga practitioners alike? You will learn to adapt your teachings to the needs of yourself as well as of your students as people vary and not everyone needs the same, often without them knowing. Adjusting classes to the seasons, the five elements, the three doshas helps them to bring more balance in their lives.

What is included?

Eight classroom days with two highly experienced teachers
A course manual with some theoretical background & homework guidance
Access to all materials for self study on our super-easy-to-go online Learning Management Platform (LMS)
Two days of pre-recorded lectures on the foundation of ayurveda by our expert teacher Coen van der Kroon

Who can join?

  • Yoga teachers with an interest in integrating аyurveda and ayurvedic yoga therapy in their own lives, yoga classes, and possibly in their individual coaching of clients
  • Advanced* yoga practitioners, with a keen interest in аyurveda and ayurvedic yoga therapy for their own lives, or interested in expanding this professionally

 * Participants should be able to participate in yoga practices without the need of additional explanation. The main starting point of the training will be towards educating yoga teachers. If in doubt whether you should join the course, please contact us.

What is the set-up?

12 hours of pre-recorded masterclass
The training starts with a 12-hour pre-recorded masterclass by Coen van der Kroon on the basic principles of Ayurveda. The class will stay available during the whole training and can be re-watched anytime.

 Topics covered will include:

  • Ayurveda: overview and philosophical context
  • Shad Darshana and Samkhya: the descent of consciousness into matter
  • The 20 gunas and basic karmas of substances
  • The 5 elements and their connection to the tastes
  • The Tridosha Theory: how the body functions
  • Introduction to the sub-doshas
  • Dhatus: our physiological building blocks
  • Basics of ayurvedic nutrition & lifestyle
  • Food substances and the six tastes
  • Agni and Ama: digesting food and life impressions
  • The Mind: Sattva, Raja and Tama Gunas
  • Prakruti: understanding your unique blueprint
  • Vikruti: uncovering your true nature

8 days on-location classes
The training will then continue with eight full days of in-depth, on-location classes, split in two modules of 4 days. These classes are learn-by-doing, interlaced with an important theoretical framework. Under the guidance of Coen and Ombretta, you will explore the following topics:

  • The basic concepts of ayurveda for everyday life
  • Integrating the conceptual part of ayurveda with practical tools for teaching asana & pranayama, to be incorporated into your classes
  • Practising yoga (asana & pranayama) from an ayurvedic perspective, based on both constitution and imbalances
  • Offering ‘ayurvedic yoga’ classes and/or customising your teaching to meet the needs of all types of students (balancing the doshas)
  • ‘Walking your talk’: living the ayurvedic principles in your own life, including nutrition, lifestyle and stress management
  • Teaching one-on-one yoga sessions using ayurvedic principles
  • Integrating yoga, pranayama, mindfulness, awareness, and meditation; addressing imbalances where required
  • Teaching seasonal flows
  • Work with case studies and making ‘ayurvedic yoga plans’ in a structured way

How will you learn?

We support the value of learning by doing, so expect the theory to be the support of your own experience and practice. You will be guided on your journey into the active, practical, and dynamic elements of ‘living ayurveda’ and integrating it in yoga practice. We will work with case studies in order to help you create ‘therapy plans’, both for a potential yoga class and for potential clients.

Certificate of Attendance will be granted upon completion of class assignments, reflective practice and a written case study regarding a ‘therapy or class/sequence plan’.

Practical Information

Teachers: Coen van der Kroon and Ombretta Dettori

Dates: 28-31 March & 2-5 May 2025

Price: to be announced

Location: Weesp

Contact Information

Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands B.V.
KVK nr 90877535
van Wulfenlaan 6a
1251 CW, Laren

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