We offer two main study paths to students wishing to apply ayurveda in the field of modern natural healthcare modalities.

Here we dive deeper into our 4-year Ayurveda Practitioner Studies program. For our 2-year program, please visit this page.

Short Introduction

This study program aims to educate Ayurveda Practitioners on a high professional level. Our curriculum strikes a harmonious balance between theory, concepts, and hands-on clinical skills. As students progress through the program, there is a deliberate shift from personal application to the mastery of concrete clinical skills and actions. This progression is designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of ayurveda, preparing students for practical applications in a clinical setting.
The program has its foundation in the classical texts but with a strong focus on application in modern times. This gives students a clear insight in the authority and the clinical value of ayurveda for their future profession.

The APS is a 200 EC, part-time, 4-year study program, with a Bachelor (HBO) level accreditation.

What is included?

  • 20 live teaching days, including four days of residential stay and two cooking days
  • 60 hours of pre-recorded masterclasses to deepen the learning material
  • Access to an online learning platform with academy manuals, test-yourself options, articles, video’s and further study material
  • Interactive education and case studies in every module
  • Guidance meetings
  • Assignments support
  • Final test

What will you learn?

The program is divided into three levels:

Level 1: Year 1 and 2 (70 ECs)

These two years comprise our Ayurveda Nutrition & Lifestyle program. In the first year, the student will learn about the basic ayurvedic principles and lay a solid foundation in the field of anatomy, physiology, philosophy, ayurvedic nutrition and herbology, daily routine, lifestyle, meditation & mindfulness. Basic information on Western anatomy and physiology will also be covered. 

The second year revolves around the advanced principles of ayurveda with an emphasis on ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle, and preparing the student to become a counselor. In addition to the topics of Year 1, there is an additional focus on the qualities required of an ayurveda counselor, and guiding students to become proficient in evaluating and advising clients. Students will start to work with practical cases and real clients. 

More about the first two years of the APS, can be found here.

Level 2: Massage Module Professional & Ashtanga Hridayam (30 ECs)

Level 2 is mandatory for students wishing to complete our 4-year program and optional for students who are focused only on the 2-year program. 

More information available here: Massage Module Professional & Ashtanga Hridayam

Level 3: Year 3 and 4 (100 ECs)

The third and fourth years of our program take a significant step towards a clinically focused structure, encompassing a comprehensive blend of ancient ayurvedic texts and sutras, and contemporary scientific sources. This unique integration aims to provide students with a holistic and advanced understanding of ayurveda, positioning them as adept practitioners in the field. 

The program dives into more advanced principles, essential when assessing clients as an ayurveda practitioner. The student will start working at a clinical level with practical cases and real clients. The focus is on bringing theory into practice, through practical modules and assignments, a final paper, and exams. During these years, the student will also develop their business skills, guiding them to tap into their true potential as a practitioner.

For students opening their own ayurvedic practice after completion of the study program, it is mandatory to follow a Western Medicine Fundamentals (Medische Basiskennis) course at PLATO level (40 ECs). Con Amore offers the course in both English and Dutch.

For whom - professional perspective

This program leads to a profession. The APS program is for anyone who wishes to learn the ancient science of ayurveda and become a professional in applying it to cure others. In this profession, you are devoted to supporting humanity in healing itself.
  • At the end of this study program, you are trained to an ayurvedic health expert who can support clients in their health in your own clinic
  • You will be able to make a balanced treatment plan for several pathologies and complaints, containing nutritional advice, lifestyle, herbal remedies and massage and special treatments aligned with the disease
  • You will also be able to support your client with ayurvedic yoga, sports, meditation, mindfulness & pranayama
  • You will be part of a network of ayurveda professionals supporting and cooperating with each other
  • Because the program has a bachelor accreditation, our students will be able to register at an ayurveda association in the Netherlands (after completing MBK) which gives their clients the possibility to reimburse part of the invoice

More details on the curriculum and additional requirements - in the Study Guide.

Why study with us?

More and more people are looking for a training which is comprehensive, authentic, and pays attention to all aspects of ayurveda. You will find this with us. To truly support future clients on their path to wellbeing, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the basics of ayurveda, while also being able to translate these into Western standards. Only then will your approach be successful. We have extensively worked on achieving a balanced program, and we distinguish ourselves in the following ways:

The Academy has more than 20 years of experience in ayurveda education
For the past 6 years we have been accredited on the Bachelor level
We work with a large network and an experienced team of teachers from various parts of the world
Our teachers are practitioners and physicians who practise ayurveda daily in a clinical setting
We offer blended learning and flexibility in our programs
We present a broad spectrum of programs, continued education, and specialised programs for general health care practitioners
We are always developing and adapting in order to cater to changing educational needs and requirements.

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