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Coen van der Kroon, AP

Teacher basic principles, herbology, philosophy, classical texts

Program Director

Coen is the founder of the Academy of Ayurvedic studies in 2004, which has transformed over the years into the Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands. His sharp mind, knowledge, extended library and dedication are the foundation of what the academy is now.

Coen has an academic background in Greek and Latin Languages and Culture. His MA thesis was on ancient Greek gynaecology with a comparison between Hippocratic and Ayurvedic Medicine. This was the start of his interest in and study of ayurveda and he has dedicated his life to understanding and teaching this science Coen has meanwhile published an impressive list of books and articles in the field of ayurveda, including an international bestseller.

He was privileged to have studied with the most renowned and inspirational teachers in the field of ayurveda and yoga, including Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Sunil Joshi, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Claudia Welch, and Vd. Atreya Smith, (who were all visiting faculty at the AAS), as well as 3 years at the Ayurvedic Institute with Dr. Vasant Lad, in the USA and hands-on experience in India.

Vd. Alaknanda Rao

Teacher advanced clinical principles & assessment

Educational Advisor


Vaidya Alaknanda Rao already earned her stripes at the Academy as she has been a teacher and educational advisor for a long time already. She is passionate about teaching and loves her students.

She has been a consulting physician (BAMS) practising ayurveda for over 30 years. She is practising in Amstelveen but is also still involved in her clinic in Pune, India. She is treating and advising patients and Ayurveda students from all over the EU, USA, Latin America and the Far East as well. She specialises in ayurvedic gynaecology, pre- and post-natal care, chronic ailments, autoimmune diseases, and ayurvedic dietetics.

She is associated with several leading institutions in Europe, delivering lectures and conducting workshops on various topics. She has presented research papers at International Conferences and has also co-authored the book “Open your Eyes to Ayurveda”.

Martine van Beusekom, AP

Teacher nutrition & therapeutic skills

Managing Director

Martine is in charge of overseeing the whole operations and, together with Coen, works towards the future based on a shared vision. She is good at building bridges and aligning interests. Her driving force was crucial in the past years for the academy.

As an ayurveda practitioner (graduated in 2013 after a corporate career) she focuses on the more practical part of the curriculum and has an outspoken vision on spreading the word of Ayurveda in the Netherlands. As a teacher she contributes to increasing familiarity with Ayurveda as a healing system in the Netherlands that can serve many.

Martine has many years of practical experience as a practitioner that she takes up in her teachings. She likes to approach things in a simple way with a dose of humour. 

In 2012 she wrote the book ‘Het ABC van Gezond Eten’, which concisely outlines various aspects of ayurvedic nutrition. She loves to travel to India in order to experience the cradle of ayurveda. She has three adult children who inherited her love for cooking.

Vd. Sayali Kendarkar

Teacher advanced clinical principles 


From the desire to help people Vd. Kendarkar has dreamt of becoming a doctor since she was a child. At school she learnt Sanskrit where ayurveda was also a topic, this sparked interest and from there on she knew she wanted to go through with ayurveda. She studied at BSDT Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya near Pune in India. After completing her BAMS studies and internship in a government hospital, she opened a small clinic. Since 2018 she works at Kaldenbroeck giving consults, ayurveda lectures, cooking workshops, Garbhasandskar workshops, Panchakarma and much more.

One of her sayings is: “If you dream something from your soul, no one could obstruct you to fulfil those dreams, destiny will help you to fill in empty places” . Her biggest dream is to spread Ayurveda worldwide, cure patients, release everyone from their pain and guide them in their path.

Ombretta Dettori, AP

Teacher Massage & Advanced Treatments, Ayurveda & Yoga Professional 


Ombretta has been a Faculty Member of the Academy since 2019, collaborating on the development of the curriculum and teaching Ayurvedic Massage Therapy, Advanced Treatments, AyurYoga and Clinical Principles. Ombretta co-runs the Mysore Program at the Yoga Circle, teaching Ashtanga Yoga and other yoga styles. Her education in Ayurveda (HBO level) is completed by 2 years of Medische Basiskennis (Basic Medical Science). Furthermore, she completed a pre-yoga teacher training (TT), a 200-hr yoga TT and several courses on adjustment techniques, pranayama and yoga philosophy. Since 2016 the path of self-inquiry deepens with the work of the Satori Process and more recently with the important work done in different Sharing Groups.

In 2017 she moved to India for one year to study and practice under the guidance of exceptional Ayurvedic doctors: since then she specialised and gained experience in Ayurvedic Nutrition, Gynaecology, Obstetrician, Postpartum and Panchakarma procedures. She supports women as a Birth and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula and Postpartum Professional Practitioner (BIA Doula Amsterdam, Sacred Postpartum Window, Midwife Cafe).

Kirsten Drooger, AP

Teacher Massage & Advanced Treatments, AyurYoga 


Kirsten is a certified ayurveda practitioner with a clinic in Nederhorst Den Berg, where she provides consultations and massage treatments. She has been a teacher for a long time in the field of ayurveda and yoga. Besides her ayurveda education, she studied Prana Yoga at the Prana Yoga College in Vancouver and studied ‘Centered Yoga’ with Dona Holleman. Kirsten invites her students to become aware of repetitive and habitual patterns that cause pain and unbalance. She guides them through the physical body with a creative flow of classical yoga poses while engaging the breath.

Since 2017 she is a teacher at the Academy where she is honoured for her knowledge and relaxed style of teaching. Kirsten has two children and enjoys boat rides in the summer with her family.

Susan Pulley

Teacher Research Paper Track 


Absorbed by Ayurveda for more than two decades, Susan is deeply invested in helping people transform their vitality and become their best selves through practical use of classic Ayurvedic nutrition, herbs, warm oil treatments, education and yoga.

She is the founder & lead practitioner at Atma Ayurveda, a full- spectrum wellness clinic offering Ayurvedic consult & treatment programs in Amsterdam, where she specialises in women’s health & menopause. Before Ayurveda, she studied women’s use of medicinal plants in India rural villages and remains an avid herbalist with a passion for using European herbs with Ayurvedic principles. A long-time classical Hatha yogini (since 1999) and instructor (2005), she also trained in Ayurvedic Yoga, which uses yoga asanas according to the medical condition and Ayurvedic body type to restore optimum health.

“Ayurveda and Yoga have become so valuable to me, truly a source of personal investigation and healing. I take great joy in sharing whatever I have been fortunate enough to learn and integrate into my life. I try to make the teachings of Ayurveda accessible to clients & students in real, practical ways.”

Nicha Sukhraj

Teacher Massage & Special Treatments


How can I distribute my energy wisely and in a way that it supports me in doing the things that give me joy? In essence this is the main question that has kept me occupied over the years and that I observe with my clients as well.

In my opinion it’s all about continuously balancing between the amount of energy that we have and how we (ideally) want to spend it. The immense wisdom and knowledge of ayurveda have guided me profoundly to find answers to these questions. I found in the science of Ayurveda guidance to awaken my awareness and at the same time also very practical tools to transform my energy in a way that I feel nourished, supported and grounded.

In the past 12 years of my journey with the science of ayurveda I have learnt how to practically apply its tools and guidelines in modern daily life. I feel a strong calling that I need to share this knowledge and experience with the world. This is why I started my clinic, Sattvic Balance, from where I guide people to reconnect with their life fire and teach them how to manage their life force in a way that they feel nourished, supported and grounded. When we feel properly established within ourselves (the definition of health according to Ayurveda) we can be part of a world full of life fire and vitality. This is sincerely and humbly my Sankalpa.

Janneke Schuurman

Teacher Beleef Ayurveda 


Janneke is an experienced teacher in various fields and currently nearing completion of her Ayurveda Practitioner Studies. She has found Yoga and Ayurveda as a way to connect with herself and others. Alongside her teaching roles, Janneke manages her own practice, drawing upon Yoga and Ayurveda as a way to connect with herself and others. In her practice, she guides clients towards heightened awareness and a deeper connection with their bodies.

Janneke has further enriched her expertise through mind-based training and extensive education in energetic bodywork (Reiki Practitioner). Janneke will be teaching part of the Dutch ‘Jaaropleiding’ and some practical components of the Ayurveda Practitioner Studies.

Liese van Dam

Teacher Nutrition & Advanced Principles 


Liese was originally trained as a hatha yoga teacher in India. She intensely practiced and taught all aspects of yoga – including pranayama, philosophy and chanting – for several years in various countries across the globe before settling back in her home country – the Netherlands. By this time, she had experienced that Yoga & Ayurveda are two sides of the same coin and practising both has a deep and powerful effect. In 2006 she officially commenced studying Ayurveda and graduated in 2010 from the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies.

With a passion for yoga, nutrition and women’s health; Liese teaches these subjects from an Ayurvedic viewpoint. At our Academy Liese teaches advanced principles and nutrition. Liese also has a clinic in Ede where she gives consultations and treatments. Liese’s motto is “Ancient wisdom made practical for you!”.

Vd. Shailesh Muli

Teacher Clinical Principles


Vd. Shailesh Muli lives in Pune, India and has been practising Ayurveda for many years in his own clinic where he has a fabulous organic garden and makes his own medicines. 

After his degree in Ayurveda, he did his postgraduate studies in Panchakarma and further specialised in Garbhasanskar, Yoga, Pranayama and Asanas. 

Besides running his own clinic in Pune, he writes articles for several newspapers and magazines on a regular basis.

Mariëlle Glorie

Teacher Cooking Classes and Workshop


Mariëlle is an Ayurveda Practitioner who has been part of our community for quite some time. Currently residing in Sweden with her husband and children, she is the former owner of the Ayurvedic centre ‘Sukha Texel’. Beyond her expertise in Ayurveda, Mariëlle is deeply passionate about cooking, yoga and mindfulness.

She has successfully completed vegetarian chef training with Femke van der Heuvel and happily shares her culinary tips and dishes on socials! Since 2005, Mariëlle has been teaching ayurveda at Saswitha Yoga and we are thrilled to have her teaching online cooking classes for our students.

Eva Uglioli

Teacher Massage Modules 


We have come to know Eva as a dedicated and passionate teacher, excelling in the fields of ayurveda and yoga both. While Rome is her current residence, Amsterdam remains her home-base. Eva’s journey includes the completion of a two-year Master’s program in ayurvedic massage, complemented by studies in India alongside ayurvedic physicians.

Her deep engagement with yoga and ayurveda have bestowed upon her a new awareness and profound sense of connection. Eva is wholeheartedly dedicated to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and offers ayurvedic treatments and massage courses.

Gudrun Lewis - Schellenbeck

Teacher Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)


Gudrun is an ACVA-acknowledged astrologer and works as one in Germany since 2000. She was already a Western Astrologer before coming in touch with Jyotish. Gudrun has (co-) published two books and numerous articles in leading astrology magazines. She teaches and has held lectures in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England and the USA. 

Together with Nicholas Lewis, Gudrun founded the German association for Vedic Astrology (DGVA) and the two were among the pioneers of Online Teaching. They introduced, in cooperation with India, an examination for Vedic Astrologers in order to help maintain a high standard in Europe.


Denitsa Gancheva

Operations Manager 

Denitsa is responsible for the Academy’s programme and operations. Together with Velia they manage all processes of the Academy with great care and dedication. Denitsa was born and raised in Bulgaria but moved to Amsterdam for her Master studies in 2010. Her background is in education and social work. Next to Ayurveda, she is also interested in Buddhism and involved with the wonderful Maratika Foundation, where she leads the educational program of the Maratika Monastery in Nepal.

Velia Licitra

Student Coordinator 

Velia is the person behind the mails and is always on top of all student needs and of great support to the Academy. She is Italian and has been living in the Netherlands for almost 10 years. She has a background in foreign languages and has travelled extensively in North Africa. She became fascinated with Ayurveda when she started working for the Academy. Since then, she has been eager to learn more.

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