Martine has an outspoken vision on spreading the word of Ayurveda in the Netherlands. By her active involvement in education for practitioners, she contributes to increasing familiarity with Ayurveda. She sees Ayurveda as a healing system in the Netherlands that can benefit many people.

After a corporate career, she studied at the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies in Amsterdam. After that, she also studied basic medical knowledge for a year. Her special interest goes out to ayurvedic nutrition as a tool to improve the health and wellbeing of her clients. This is what she teaches at the Ayurveda Academy now. Martine has been a teacher in this field for many years.

Holistic psychotherapy as another area that she loves and practices. Besides the work for the Ayurveda Academy, she has her own clinic. This is the place where she works with clients with various complaints. She offers consultations and works with food, lifestyle, herbs, and treatments to support her clients. Martine wrote the book ‘het ABC van Gezond Eten’, which concisely outlines various aspects of ayurvedic Nutrition. She loves to travel to India in order to experience the cradle of ayurveda.

Founder, Academy director and general management.

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