Vd. Alaknanda Rao

Vd. Rao is a consulting physician (BAMS, India) practising Ayurveda for over 27 years. Initially, for several years she was managing a community-based clinic in Pune India treating patients from different parts of India and overseas. She was also involved in teaching and spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda.

For the last 17 years, Vd. Rao has been practising in Amstelveen, The Netherlands mainly as a Consulting Physician, treating and advising patients and Ayurveda students from all over EU, US, Latin America and the Far East as well. She specialises in Ayurvedic gynaecology, pre- and post-natal care, chronic ailments, autoimmune diseases, and Ayurvedic dietetics.

She is associated with several leading institutions (Delight Academy, Holisan, Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, European Institute of Vedic studiesSaswitha School of Yoga and Philosophy) in Europe as a faculty member, delivering lectures and conducting workshops on various topics. She has presented research papers at International Conferences and has also co-authored a book “Open your Eyes to Ayurveda”.

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