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Are you dreaming of becoming an ayurvedic healthcare professional or do you want to experience the great benefits of ayurveda in your own daily life?
Then we are looking for you! Our Academy offers a variety of programs, trainings and courses of the highest quality. Feel welcome to get to know us and explore how authentic ayurvedic healthcare offers modern wellbeing.

Twenty years of experience

Our story began in 2004 with the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies, founded by Coen van der Kroon. After working independently for 12 years, the Academy became part of Delight Group in 2016, which is when Martine van Beusekom also joined. Together, we built a flourishing Academy, supported by a team of teachers and staff, and as of July 2023 we continue independently as Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands.

Our education is in both Dutch and English!

Starting in Academic Year 2024/25, we will be offering our education in two languages! Our Professional Programs, presented in the video below, will remain in English, while in the Courses section you can find our exciting Dutch programs, such as the jaarprogramma Beleef Ayurveda for which we have produced a free e-book, downloadable from the image below.

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We offer a variety of educational programs and trainings

Ayurveda Professional Programs

The Academy offers two in-depth study paths to students wishing to apply ayurveda in the field of modern natural healthcare modalities. Our 2-year, 70 EC Ayurveda Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselor program & the 4-year, 200 EC, accredited Ayurveda Practitioner Studies.

Ayurveda Specialized Trainings

We are also committed to developing specialised trainings for those, who wish to deepen their knowledge in a specific field of ayurveda. Our marma, jyotish and yoga & ayurveda trainings, led by outstanding teachers, impress students with their holistic, innovative approach.

Ayurveda Introductory Courses

Our courses offer exciting opportunities for both Dutch- and English-speakers to enter the field of ayurveda through specially crafted introductory courses. Currently, interested Dutch-speaking students are welcome to join our 1-year introductory program (Beleef ayurveda); 4-day massage module (4-daagse massage cursus); or cooking workshop (kookworkshop), all taught exclusively in Dutch.

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Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands B.V.
KVK nr 90877535
van Wulfenlaan 6a
1251 CW, Laren

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